Plone Symposium follow-up

After a long trip home, where me and Daiane were stuck at the airport
in Sao Paulo for 9 hours due to bad weather and ended up meeting a
group from South Africa
that was heading to a town next to ours to
present at a fair, I’m finally back home.

The conference was really amazing, and the week after that was really
nice too as I’ve been able to work out some outstanding Plone
issues that I would never have been found otherwise. In
addition to that, we’ve managed to go to San Antonio and spend a day
at Sea World. That was quite an adventure on itself, taking a bus
at 4am and returning on the same day, getting home at 1am. For those
that may happen to go to San Antonio and want to stay on the cheap
side, be aware that VIA provides a personal trip planner that was
exceedingly helpful for us to get around. That, and Google Maps.

Back to the subject, Chris Calloway wrote a really nice summary
about the tutorials day at the Plone Symposium. Thank you Chris for
reporting your impressions about EnTransit, that was perfectly right
to the point.

You can find mostly all of the presentation materials at the
Plone Symposium wiki.


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