Plone Roadmap: Five/Zope 3 Views

After a burst of internal development at Enfold Systems following
the Plone Symposium, I’m back.

This time with good news. I’ve started working on a plan to adopt the
use of Five/Zope 3 Views for Plone.

Why is this important and why should you care?

First, this is a major change on the way things work on Plone. Not
that it is backwards incompatible. In fact, the plan is that it’s made
100% backwards-compatible.

It’s mainly a change of the way things are developed. Instead of using
the half-baked separation between presentation and logic that we are
used to, we will start moving this logic to a better abstraction
called Views. For people that know about Zope 3, yes, that’s the same
Views you have in Zope 3.

Of course that’s not only for your pleasure. We have a long-term goal
of reusing most of the code that gets created as a result of this
transition when Zope 3 comes out for real. In fact, careful planning
will be done so the transition to Zope 3 can be as smooth as possible
down the road.

So, check out the PLIP, comment on it, and keep watching this space
for more progress reports as we go.


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