I’m upset. Yes, I’m upset. GEE DUDE. CAN YOU PLEASE STOP?

Seriously, Ben. Excuse me the words, but I think you are only looking
for excuses to write new frameworks.

We don’t need a hammer factory factory factory. We need to fix

I’ve fixed the reindexing issue. Why, oh why, are you inventing a
framework for fixing it? Why can’t you just review my changes so I can
merge them and we can all move forward, and THEN you can invent
whatever new framework you want?

I know it’s not as fun as writing a new framework, but we’ve got to
fix bugs. Not write new software. Code that doesn’t exist doesn’t have
bugs. We’ve got to reduce the amount of code we have, not ADD MORE.

Sorry all. I just can’t look at this and stay quiet.

It took me no longer than 3 hours to fix the issue and write some
tests to demonstrate it. How long it takes to create a new framework?
How many time are we going to spend on just mantaining the framework?
How long before people actually get used to it and use it correctly?



  1. +1 for that (no, better: +10)
    Many thanx for fixing the reindexing issue.


    I’m not a developer, I’m a consultant
    and "site developer" using Plone for his day-to-day job. I have to work with systems/sites build atop
    of Zope/Plone/Archetypes … for years.

    Therefore people like you or Florent Guillaume
    (who just fixed some longstanding issues in Zope2)
    are the real Super-Heroes ;-) in my world.

    I think some people in Plone/Zope-World tend to
    forget what a marvellous toolbox we have.
    Trying to make this EXISTING SOFTWARE STACK better (which means: reliable, error-free, secure, performant …) AND to enrich this stack with GOOD USABLE
    APPLICATIONS is 10 (and more) times fruitful for the community than introducing new concepts, glitzy frameworks which tell us: "All you hear until now is crap. The only real thing is this new shiny conecpt" – without contributing production-safe code (my impression: only for the sake of itself).

  2. Perfection
    You know you’ve achieved perfection in design, not when you have nothing more to add, but when you have nothing more to take away.

  3. Please… No to adding more freaking decorations to Archetypes
    Can we do something about performance, so that we generate specific ZPTs for the particular content type at install time? Could having a single dynamic base_view/base_edit for all types be expensive in terms of performance?

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