…and a happy new year

Another year has come and gone. No-one made them stop.

Between bot-building, test-fixing and birthday-partying,
December went by faster than the blink of an eye.

My biggest deception this year was the goldegg project. Lots of
traction happened in the month after launch, and then it got pretty
much abandoned. The milestone dates for Plone 2.5 quickly approach,
and no-one seems to care about it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the
whole work done got thrown out. :(

I’m leaving for a short vacation this sunday. Hope the world has
changed just a little (for better I hope) when I get back next year.


One thought on “…and a happy new year

  1. Goldegg results
    While it’s true that the initial flurry of Goldegg-related activity has passed, it’s not true that all of the work from that has stopped moving, nor that there have been no results. CMF 1.6 wouldn’t exist, if it weren’t for Goldegg, nor would all of the GenericSetup-related Plone work that Brent Hendricks and I have done (and on which I am still working).

    What HAS slowed to a standstill is the work done on view-ifying the Plone interface. Have you some ideas on this? Maybe a note to plone-devel asking what’s up with this would help?

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