Plone Nightly Builds: Official Announcement

Alan Runyan has just officially announced the availablility of the
Plone Nightly Builds, which had been disabled for a while due to
changes in the build process. Please check it out and give those
installers a run if you haven’t done so yet.

Along with the Plone Announcement, he also announced the future
availability of Enfold Server 2.9 and 3.0, sporting Plone 2.1.3 and
Plone 2.5 respectively.

Of special note, as previously mentioned, are the inclusion of XML
tools libxml2 and lxml.

Alan Runyan is the head of Enfold Systems, a Texas-based Plone
Consulting firm
that provides packaged versions of Plone with tight
Windows integration
product firm specializing in low-cost, high-impact commercial software.

Special thanks to Rocky Burt and Hanno for helping out with QA of the
new Plone installers.


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