Updated Plone 2.5 Beta 2 Installer

Howdy all,

I’ve updated the Plone 2.5 Beta 2 Installer for Windows with fixes
to correct most of the errors reported by you, fellow readers.

Give it another try, and please keep those comments comming. Your
feedback is essential to help with improving the installer.

Worth noting is that the installer now ships with lxml and
libxml2 pre-installed, and also the egenix extensions.

And to top it, the nightly builds are being uploaded again, after
being disabled for roughly two months as we’ve migrated our internal
build scripts to use the buildbot. The latest Plone 2.1 installer
with the Plone 2.1.3-rc1 release should show up in that page starting

Please spread the word. We need to get as much testing as possible
happening on those installers to get them ready for announcing
alongside with the official release!


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