Follow The Apple Black Brick Road

The Mac OS X 10.4.10 update has nearly turned my Macbook into a brick. It crashes upon login and dumps me into a console. From there I can login with my user, but not much else. It seems that something called “SecurityAgent” is crashing upon login. I’ve tried every single tip I could find. Nothing seems to fix it.

Following various threads on the Apple Support pages I found many similar reports but no solution so far. The only way I can get anything useful out of it is:

# /sbin/mount -uw /
# sh /etc/rc
# open ~

That will dump me into some kind of stripped down Finder, where I can then launch “” and “”.

This is really horrible. Shame on you Apple. I’m eager to know when the fix is going to arrive. If this really requires a reinstall like mentioned in several threads, I could just as well switch to Vista since I don’t have really have anything that requires OS X.


5 thoughts on “Follow The Apple Black Brick Road

  1. Not entirely true. Apple seems to screw up so frequently on updates that the 99% of the recommendations suggest that using Apple Software Update is recipe for doom. Well, if that’s the case, why don’t they just disable it?

    I never had an issue with a Windows Service Pack that would render my computer useless. Apple really needs to take a clue and improve their QA.

  2. Would like to see if you would be so motivated to post about a Microsoft Windows bug as you are with this one.
    Just kidding Sidney ;)

    By the way, AFAIK, you did not install the os on that machine, you just add your user to it, i never trust pre-installed os.
    If you install it you can also save many GB of useles print drivers…
    At you can read something about having your Home in a different partition, it may help you in future problems with OSX.
    Good luck.
    See you.

  3. Hmm,
    obviously that does’nt help you, but:

    I use macs (and PCs, Windows and Linux) for development.
    At home I only have Macs.

    Since OS9 I never had problems using the software update
    that I remember (and this sw-update-bricked-my-mac is surely
    something even I would remember).

    That said, I still believe that all this computing is _way_ too
    complex — oh well.

    Good luck!

  4. Windows Update never crash my windows(es), but frequently need reboot (including servers) it’s turn “computer useless” for little time IMHO.

    It’s really good see bad opnion about Mac/Apple, the general opnion is fanatic about Mac/Apple. (I’m thinking to buy a MacBook) ;)

    Do you come to PyConBrasil 3 ?

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