lxml 1.3.2 released, installers for Windows available

For the XML heads out there, get rid of your pointy-bracket thirst. The new lxml 1.3.2 release is up on the Python CheeseShop, and I’ve just finished uploading installers for Windows, compiled for Python 2.4 and Python 2.5.

As usual, those binaries are statically compiled so there’s no extra dependencies to install. They have been built against libxml2 2.6.28 and libxslt 1.1.19.

Have fun, and please report any bugs/crashes to the lxml-dev at codespeak dot net mailing list.


3 thoughts on “lxml 1.3.2 released, installers for Windows available

  1. Well… I actually *do* mind. I believe that people will be confused by too many options, and that there’s a lot more people still using the installer than using eggs.

    Now, turning this around a bit, why don’t we propose a change to setuptools so it is able to use the installer? It is just a zip file with an executable header (you can test that by doing ‘unzip lxml-…..exe’).

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