Plone 3.0 released!

In case the news didn’t make it to your inbox, Plone 3.0 has been released, with installers for many platforms, including Windows and Mac OS X.

Thanks to everyone that contributed to this release!

I’ve been a member of the Plone community since the start. Still remember the Plone 1.0 release, when I was at SolutionsLinux 2003 in Paris with Paul Everitt, Alexander Limi and Alan Runyan. There was quite some excitement going on at the time around the release, just because 1.0 is such an important release on the lifecycle of a product.

It’s just great to be here 4 years later and feel the same excitement, with such a great community now behind the Plone brand.

More importantly, it’s great to see that Plone has attracted so many great new developers, without whom this release would not be possible. Plone really stands out from many other Open Source projects for it’s great ability of attracting smart and interesting people. I’m really proud to be a part of this community.

Congratulations, Plone!


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