Extended Mourning

It’s been more than two years now since I’ve written anything on this blog. The last thing I wrote was my attempt at summing up all that Dorneles meant to me as a friend and co-worker. It still hurts. Every. Day.

I’ve been carrying on with life. Heads down into work. Enjoying my kids, which just started at daycare (or is afternooncare a word, even?) this week. But it’s going to hurt for quite some time. I can tell.

I feel like I should be writing more. I feel the need to hang out with old friends again. I might end up going to this year’s PythonBrasil/PloneConf one-two combo just for that. Hopefully some of the old-timers like Alan and Limi will be there. It would sure be great to see Paul again, which is apparently confirmed for one of the keynotes.

I actually started this post feeling very nostalgic, and the paragraph above shows. This was after stumbling on Gustavo’s 12 years ago post. Then I looked at the archive of this blog and found that my oldest post here is from July 20th 2003. Reading forward from there I’ve revived some really happy memories, and tons of now-broken links. One of the broken links was to one of the oldest traces of me out there, asking for help with Including TCL scripts in the CSLU Toolkit, back in 1999. Here’s another, from 2005, where I mention meeting Gustavo in person for the first time. And, the irony. I linked to his LiveJournal blog. :)

I feel much better now.

I should be writing more, and soon. I have lots of things to share, both personally and professionally. I really wish to become more like Dorneles. Not only fun to work with, but also fun to be around. I want to share more, not only about the things that I do, but also the things that I am. I hope to become a better person in the process, and I hope you can share and enjoy that journey with me.


4 thoughts on “Extended Mourning

  1. I did not know Dorneles enough to be able to judge how correct your feeling is that you are far from being like him (sorry if I misunderstood what you meant hereabove).
    However, I often mention working with you at the Zope3 Paris sprint and at Plone Castle Sprint (2003) among others, how much I learned, how welcoming you were, how I enjoyed it.
    I must say I will be very pleased to share some moments again if we both show up at Plone Conf 2013.

  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing. My wife just lost her Dad “too soon” (he was 70) and while I’ve not lost someone that close, I feel for you the way I feel for her. It’s terrible to watch someone go through losing someone that close, and I hope you find the peace and joy you seek in your life without Dorneles (while at the same time celebrating and remembering him every day.)

  3. Sidnei – I still think about Dorneles (deo) often and remember his smile and his free spirit. I just had sushi for lunch today, and can’t forget the enormous “sushi boat” that Dorneles ordered when I went out to dinner with him and his family. He was an amazing person who will not be forgotten.

    Next time we meet, we’ll have to go out for sushi in memory of Dorneles. Are you going to PyCon? If not, I hope to see you at PloneConf Brasilia!!

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